Famous Foods turning Vegan and India is catching up well


Vegan food items are gaining a lot of attention and importance as animal welfare is becoming a priority in many nations. A vegan diet probably sound boring to some, and doesn’t offer as many options and alternatives as a regulardiet does; there have hence been many efforts that have gone into making vegan products that taste the same as usual meat or animal products.

Here is a list of new vegan products that might interest a practicing vegan!

  1. Fishless fingers – A favorite snack in many parts of the world is fried fish, shaped like fingers. To ensure that the vegans in the party aren’t left out, many food manufacturers have taken to making “fish-less” fingers that they claim is low on saturated fat. They are made from tofu and have a coating that gives the fish flavor.
  2. Burrito – Many food manufacturers have begun making different kinds of vegan burritos to replace the ones made from chicken, mutton or any other forms of meat. Tesco’s Wicked Kitchen Naken Burrito is said to consist of spiced mixed beans, tomato rice, pulled marinated roasted king oyster mushrooms, kale and spiced mixed vegetables, jalapeno and lemon wedges.
  3. Green vegetable balls – Meatballs are common in many meat dishes. The vegan version of these is made out of broccoli, peas, kale and other plant products, and has been received well in the vegan community,with several newer alternatives are being worked on.
  4. No pork-chorizo slices – Chorizo is commonly consumed Spain and Mexico. It forms an integral part of their diet. Although high on protein, it has a high fat content and is not particularly healthy.It is harmful to people trying to reduce their weight. The no-pork chorizo slices are made out of plant-based products. They have a taste similar to that of the conventional chorizo slices but are much lower on fats and carbs.
  5. No-chick and no-porkies paella – This Valencian dish is a rice-based one made with different kinds of meat. It has a great taste,and it is a very old dish that is cooked in several parts of the world. Vegan products from Iceland have a range of products that can potentially replace meat based paella with plant-based products. This has been welcomed by the vegan audience because of its taste and nutritional value.
  6. Butternut Falafel – Falafel is a middle-eastern dish that is made out of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian products. Butternut falafels are made in households, but this product has come to the markets in order tobe consumed directly.
  7. Sicilian Caponata Pasta – This pasta variety is low on sugar and high on protein. It is purely vegan and can be consumed without any fear of putting on weight. The Caponata variety usually consists of a large amount of cheese, usually parmesan. The vegan alternative to this consists of sunflower seeds, tomatoes,and other additives.
  8. Spiced burgers – These burgers replace the meat patty used in burgers commonly. Meat patties are high on fat and sugars. It is not desirable for people on diets to consume these burgers. The vegan alternative to these consists of cauliflower, potatoes, peas,and beans. To increase its protein content, other vegetables may also be used. Beyond meats is one of such companies which make it.
  9. Ploughman – This cold meal based on cheese and butter. It is a food item rich in fat. If a vegan wishes to consume this, he could resort to using tomatoes and vegan cheese.
  10. Vegan couscous – This is a middle-eastern dish consumed in many parts of the world. It is traditionally served with meatballs and stew. It is lower on fat than brown rice, but lacks nutrients that brown rice offers. The vegan alternative to couscous consists of basil, thyme, cauliflower,and carrots.
  11. Bubble and squeak sandwich – This English dish made out of leftover vegetables usually consists of mayonnaise. This is a common dish made in several parts of Europe and since it can be made quickly, it is made very often. The vegans can consume this dish without mayonnaise, adding chestnuts and faba beans. Vegetable based sandwich products are slowly entering the market and this is sure to be welcomed with open arms.
  12. Shroomdogs – Made out of mushrooms and other plant-based ingredients, shroomdogs are vegan sausages hitting the European markets. These are seen as the best vegan alternatives because of their nutritional values. They also taste a lot like the traditional non-vegan sausages.

In developing countries like India however, the cost of these products is high since they are mostly imported from developed countries. Hence, it is important to promote manufacturing of these products in developing countries.

There are many vegan alternatives entering the supermarkets,and they seem to have a rapidly growing fan-base. In India, brands like Chetran’s makes full range of Dairy Alternates including soy curd, soy milk, tofu, soy yoghurt and vegan mayonnaise etc. Auro Soya’s Smoked Tofu has its own smoky flavour loved by people. They also make organic tofu at their plant in Pondicherry. Goodmylk is a rapidly growing company from Bangalore that is producing a vegan substitute for milk and curd. Happy Calf and Cowvathi are other vegan-alternative startups. Gooddot is an Indian company producing vegan imitation meat. More about all this companies in an article soon…

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